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Full Version: Unusual childhood aspie obsessions
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My wife was asking me recently if other aspie kids ever have such strange obsessions as our son.

Our son is obsessed with airplane crashes. Every conversation, every game eventually reaches a tipping point where it becomes all about airplane crashes.

He has become an expert at making paper airplanes. Give him a sheet of paper and he can turn it into an exact replica of a DC-9 or a Concorde.

He sets up military bases and builds a fleet of fighters and bombers then acts out bombing raids on the base (with fighter support). Sometimes he needs to hold the bomber in his mouth. When he makes planes out of tissue paper you know who is going to have a bad day, they may as well be wearing a red shirt on a Star Trek away team.

The backyard often looks like a war zone. There are torn up paper planes and crashed Lego planes and Lego rescue vehicles strewn all over.

This all seems perfectly fine to me. I was only ever interested in boring things like maps and dinosaurs.

Can anyone give interesting examples of aspie kids' obsessions that might seem a little unusual?
Music boxes (mechanical), watching QVC, playing "trial" with this Power Ranger action figure I had where he would be sentenced to have this huge parade march on top of his body until he was dead, and crashing Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars into each other and then have the rescue and police car crash into the accident and thus continuing a chain reaction of car crashes.
None of the above sound real strange except airplane crashes but I think mine were very strange but I don't think they are really aspie ones.
My son is now obsessed with:
* 1960s muscle cars, especially the Ford Mustang. He now wants to be a mechanic (so that he can work on old cars and restore his own).
* The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies. He wants to buy an old Jeep Wrangler and paint it in the original colours and logos from the first movie. He gets excited when he sees a Jeep Wrangler on the road.
* Star Wars movies.
* Books, especially Harry Potter. He sleeps with about 20 books in his bed if we let him.
* The Titanic

But it is the first two where he has the aspie intensity to his obsessions.

Airplanes and airplane crashes he still finds interesting, but nothing like before.
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with causes of death. I used to go to the biography section in the library, and just look in the back of the books to see what diseases or accidents killed various people.

A friend of mine is obsessed, to this day, with guns. Not in the way you might expect. Most people who are interested in guns have a gun collection, go shooting, read gun magazines and so on. My friend is obsessed with the danger of guns. Sometimes when we're out he will say something like 'I hope no-one comes out from a doorway and shoots us". When his brother was expecting a child, they were looking through a childcare book together, and he was surprised that it doesn't say "Don't let your baby play with a gun".
My first real special interest was Dinosaurs. After I saw Jurassic Park, I became obsessed with them. Then in high school, my big special interest was Major League Baseball (I took a Sports in Literature class in high school and I knew more about baseball than the teacher.) Those were the two I followed most intensely, but I followed Spanish very closely at Kent State.
I had a special interest in the typical things kids in my generation liked (which went from Power Rangers to Pokemon, and Digimon)

Now my interests go from Japanese Sodas, to Anime, Foreign Films, and Science Fiction stories written by PKD himself.

Along with collecting films on DVD.
My son is currently obsessed with ice.

He is in and out of the freezer all day and night. He makes stuff out of lego and semi-immerses it in a container of water and then checks it every 10 minutes to see how the freezing is going, then when it is frozen he takes it out and tries to chisel through the ice with a blunt knife, then he takes it outside and watches it melt. This has been an intermittent obsession for a year or two but it has really taken hold over the past couple of weeks.

My wife finds it annoying - particularly as he often has several containers in various states of freezing going at once, and some of them have toys that he has been playing with in the dirt outside. And there is water splashed all around the kitchen and on the floor. And, of course, telling him to stop has no effect.

He wants to be a car collector when he grows up. We were discussing it a couple of days ago and I told him that it's an expensive hobby and that he needs to start doing homework and paying attention at school so that he can get a good job. He told me that some Hot Wheels collections are worth a million dollars, and that his plan is to build a really awesome Hot Wheels collection and sell it for TEN million dollars, and then he'll have enough money to be a car collector.
(11-13-2015 01:28 AM)Luke Mauser Wrote: [ -> ]When his brother was expecting a child, they were looking through a childcare book together, and he was surprised that it doesn't say "Don't let your baby play with a gun".

You can't start early enough with gun safety. If they don't have the chance to shoot their own heads off when they're young, they'll never learn!
Current obsession is WW2 combat aircraft and building plastic models. Also WW2 history in general.
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