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Full Version: Rate the last TV Show you watched
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Lost in Space (2018)

My sister has Netflix (we don't) and last weekend we drove up to visit her.

We spent the better part of a day binge-watching all 10 episodes of the 2018 reboot of Lost in Space.

What I loved about it:
* It was extremely well made. Like a really good movie.
* Great stories, good acting.
* Good character development for the most part.
* Strong female characters without painfully pushing any agenda.
* Good emotional connection with the audience.
* The robot is brilliant. Completely loveable despite only knowing 3 words and killing lots of innocent people.
* It was true to the original series without being a scene-by-scene remake.
* The back story was woven cleverly into the series, and hopefully this will continue into the next series.

What wasn't so great:
* Dr Smith, the villain, was too one-dimensional. There was never any point at which the audience could sympathise with her, or feel empathy for her. I suspect that the makers of the series were wary of making Dr Smith a more sympathetic character, because once they did that in the original series he became the central character of the entire show.
* Don West: he's basically Han Solo. He's a smuggler, he maintains that he only looks out for himself but always ends up acting selflessly, yada yada yada. All he needed was a f***ing wookie. Maybe he'll get one next series.

I was a big fan of the original Lost In Space, which started the same year I was born. And this reboot didn't disappoint. 8.5/10
Game of Thrones 10/10

Fawlty Towers Series 1: 10/10

What can I say? I needed a laugh.
Lost in Space Series 2: still good. Needs more Robot. 8/10

Z Nation: Good zombie series. Very gory and violent. Doesn't take itself too seriously. 9/10, I'm halfway thru series 3.

South Park 10/10
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