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Full Version: Things you've planned to do years ago but never did (or did yet)
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What did you plan to do before but never did? Your plans that you got all excited about can give you clues as to your real autistic obsessions!

I apparently am interested in activism, but also in home decorating, creative writing, kid stuff with my kid and just knowing everything.

So in my life I had these plans...

1. work 7 days a week at a shit job for a few months then 5 days after that, but be able to afford to get a bigger apartment and lots of stuff for it so my son could have a nice place to visit
2. join the armed forces
3. start an ASAN chapter where I am
4. protest electroconvulsive therapy on the grounds of the mental hospital
5. volunteer at the food bank
6. volunteer at the mission
7. volunteer at a women's shelter
8. volunteer at the mental hospital
9. protest bad ABA on the grounds of the "readaptation center"
10. volunteer doing something with kids
11. getting a career that allows me to go to the USA and live there so I can be with my son
12. work a 7-day-a-week job and buying a house and have my son and his father live in it and I would live in it too when I came over (I'm Canadian and they're in the US)
13. going on a road trip with my friends from the internet
14. starting a farm with my friends from the internet
15. going on a road trip with my RL friends
16. writing books about my friends' lives (the internet and RL ones)
17. going door to door with a close-the-JRC petition
18. going to live with my friend from the internet and hanging out with all his friends
19. protesting at the JRC with those people who protested before
20. going to Autreat
21. going to AutHaven
22. going to other autistic conventions
23. having my friends from the internet up to visit me
24. going back to WP and making more friends there
25. starting a neurodiversity store in a mall somewhere with books on neurodiversity, etc
26. starting a Unitarian Universlaist-type church with a store, farm, glass and metal and wood workshops, craft places, a sewing place, etc.
27. writing a book and doing a documentary on the mental hospital
28. drawing/painting imaginary scenes from interesting situations
29. starting an activist club
30. going back to Toastmasters
31. joining the users' committee at the mental hospital where my psychiatrist is and where I was inside 3 times before and starting a patients' newspaper for the mental hospital
32. going back to the forums about depression, or rather, finding some new depression forums
33. passing out pamphlets about abuse in mental hospitals, with a group of Icarus Project people, in front of the mental hospital
34. becoming a psychologist
35. becoming a psych tech
36. becoming a recreation therapist
37. starting a website with forums, a store, information, etc. all about psych patients' rights
38. going to one of those "art hives" in Montreal
39. reading like 100 books I chose for myself to read about politics and the economy to get educated
40. reading NeuroTribes
41. reading those sites my dad goes on with blogs, about the economy, economic warfare, globalism, politics, etc.
42. volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

There was more.

I never did any of it. It seems I'm really good at making detailed plans, but not following thru with any of it.
Get the hell out of Tennessee.
What's it like in Tennessee? Are you a liberal in a sea of conservatives?
(11-27-2016 12:27 PM)Ana54 Wrote: [ -> ]What's it like in Tennessee? Are you a liberal in a sea of conservatives?

I'm an eco socialist.


(11-27-2016 11:59 AM)LanguageWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Get the hell out of Tennessee.

The more the merrier! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
[Image: welcome-to-canada-1-728.jpg?cb=1189637302]
We should all meet. I think M is in Canada too. I also have 2 Aspie American friends who live close to the border and have passports...
be come a millionaire

still haven't won the lotto
I'm still hoping to win Lotto.

I have been meaning to write some fiction for years. Not expecting it to be even moderately successful or ever get published, but it would be interesting to let my imagination run wild and see what it turns out. I won't try to write anything more than short stories, there's no point really, I'd rather spend a couple of weeks on a short story that only a few people might read compared to spending months or years on a novel-length story that even less peoplw would read.
The one place I wanted to go to was Egypt.

And now it's so dangerous and so touristy I have lost interest.

It would have been good to go 25 years ago at least.

I have travelled to lots of places even though I never had the travel bug. And I've seen ancient stuff. Now I mostly want to make sure that my son gets a chance to see the things he really wants to see, like some of the war museums in the UK and the Smithsonian and New York.
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