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Full Version: Things We Don't Understand
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I already made a thread about stuff that makes us angry. This thread is about stuff that we just don't understand.

- I don't understand why some people do "pacifist runs" in video games. What's the point of a video game if you aren't killing everything that moves?
- I don't understand why fidget spinners are suddenly cool. It's as though the leader of the Illuminati clicks the "Random Page" button on Wikipedia one per month and decides "The normies shall now find this cool!" I'm gonna click the random page button on Wikipedia. Hold on a minute. Okay, WENC is now cool. The random number god wills it. Everyone now MUST think that WENC is cool or else you are out of the loop. Get with the times MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.
- I don't understand why Patrick Stewart is voicing a literal piece of shit in the Emoji Movie. I always thought he had more dignity than that.
- I don't understand why there are so many different Christian denominations. Some of them are barely different from one another.
I don't understand why the parents who refuse to vaccinate their children aren't arrested for child endangerment. Sure their kids aren't necessary at risk but the other kids that they come into contact with are literally being threatened by diseases that could kill them!

Who the hell thought it'd be a fun and wonderful idea to get together a bunch of kids to play and share the same cup as another kid with either the measles or chicken pox for a party? That's horrible parenting and those idiot parents ought to be tied up and whipped by a garden hose pronto!


I don't understand why so many people think that 300 was "gay". I don't care what anyone says. 300 is one of my favorite movies.

Fist of all, the movie had boobies in one scene.

Second, a movie full of muscle men isn't necessarily gay. What about straight women? They still exist right? Maybe 300 was full of sexy men so that the women who got dragged into this movie had something to watch.

Overall, this is a disturbing and misogynistic trend that permeates our whole society. We act as though women have no sex drive and so any show/movie with sexy men in it is labeled "gay".



I don't understand why some people take animation so damn seriously. That's why I stopped watching Mysterious Mr. Enter videos.

Mr. Enter: "These bad cartoons deserve my moral outrage! These cartoons degrade the medium of animation! People will think that animation is only for kids!"
Me: "Dude! It's not that big a deal! People think that cartoons are for kids? So what? Grow some thick skin. There are plenty of real-world issues that warrant moral outrage. Getting outraged over the public perception of animation is a waste of mental energy."
I don't understand why people try to drink hot drinks when they're still too hot. It's particularly prevalent among older people over her (over 60s).

A musical director I work with always does this. We get a cup of coffee brought in to a rehearsal room, and he immediately tries too drink it. However, it doesn't stop there. Having realised that it's too hot, he then tries again in about two minutes! This persists, and as soon as it is about 70 degrees (still too hot, in other words), he carries on drinking it in tiny (and presumably painful) sips, intermittently passing comment on how hot it is!

We don't live in the bloody Arctic, you massa! Put the bloody thing down and leave it for ten minutes. Then it might actually be enjoyable, rather than painful! Also, test that fact by touching the cup with your hand, not by putting your lips in near-boiling liquid!
Fidget spinners were actually invented for kids with ADHD. Or so I've heard.

My kids spent their pocket money on fancy fidget spinners on Sunday.
I have a fidget spinner. It's a cheap five-dollar one. I just need something to play with or fidget with. If I don't, then I play with my hair or those wrappers that straws come in. Playing with a fidget spinner is just a socially acceptable way of stimming.
I don't understand why people pay money to a charity for the right to go on a "Fun run" or whatever. Why not just donate to the charity and not run?
I also don't understand why some men consider women's butts to be sexy. That's the part of the woman where the poop comes out. Pooping isn't sexy.
I don't understand the people who said that "Mars Attacks" is a bad movie. It was supposed to be a comedy, and I thought it was fairly funny. It's supposed to be cheesy with a silly premise. It was a parody of science fiction movies.
I don't understand why math courses above addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are necessary to pass high school. Ninety-percent of jobs don't require them, and they don't make us better citizens the way the humanities do.
I don't understand building video games like Minecraft or the Lego video games. Why not just play with blocks in the real world?
I don't understand why people pay money to rent Blu-Rays and DVD's from a video rental store when they're available for free at the library.
I don't understand why people follow celebrities on Twitter. Why would I care that Tom Cruise just had a fancy salad?
I don't understand why people spend hours on Facebook. It's just a social networking site and an attempt to put your social life online. There's nothing really fun about it.
I never understood the popularity of "Farmville". What, you just build a farm and go see other people's farms? What's the point of that?
Further to the fun run thing above, I don't understand sponsored events for charity.

"I want to run a marathon. Please donate money to a charity. Don't just donate the money anyway on the grounds that the charity is a good cause. Only do it if I can run twenty-six miles. If I fall over after twenty-five miles, obviously the charity doesn't deserve any money."

Also, my boss in my previous job used to run a marathon roughly every month, but would still ask for sponsorship for doing it. If you do it as a one-off, it's a sponsor able event. If you do it all the time, it's just your hobby. It's like saying, "I'm going to watch a movie tonight. Pay some money to a charity in my honour."
Why is it socially acceptable to "white lie" over the smallest things?
I don't understand why people whistle.

"Oooh, I can make a stupid noise that sounds vaguely like a well-known piece of music but delivered in the most irritating manner imaginable. Look at me and marvel at how clever I am."
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