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Full Version: The most random thread of all time
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I was outside in the cold the other day, picking up trash. I kept muttering to myself... normally I did outside work when it wasn't raining.

Yet somehow I realized something....

I have a tendency to be quite bitter.

Especially when I have so many ideas of what to do with my life outside of Walmart.
It hasn't been cold in awhile, yet when the cold does occur.... I'm wanting to find better hiding places in the store.
I misjudged Phonix Wright... He is just a single dad trying to take care of his kid. I thought he was weird, turns out... Those were ticks... He can't help it he has Tourettes. O_o;
I tried doing some math at church... bad idea. Because the pencil broke on me -_-
My nails look really nice.
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My nails are an inconvenience. They grow waaaaaay too fast and need trimming every few days. It's some kind of genetic abnormality.
If you were female, it would be nice to shape them to look like French tips.
I can imagine something like that lasting about a minute on me before I file those annoying corners off lol.
Why was a born a Protestant? -_-
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