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Full Version: Knife in teenager’s bag
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I found a knife in the bag of a 13 yr old teenager when I was cleaning. I am not the parent but I work for the family. What should I do?
Telling the parents is the right thing to do. But it risks drama.

If I needed the job I would not say anything.
I just put the questionable items where the parents can see them. I never said anything . They never said anything. But that gave me som cooling down time.

They know the kid has a knife but it is different to keep it on a shelf or take it on a camping trip but not in a handbag when she goes out with her friends. But I suppose they should talk to their kids abou the proper handling of knives. The blade is not long enough to be illegal to carry but she could do some damage with it. More likely someone attacking her woild take it of her and use i one her. Best stradegy is to run away or avoid a confrontation.
You were cleaning the inside of the teenager's bag?
I assume MM was looking for stinky clothes in the bag.
I clean her room all the time.
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