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Full Version: Should I take this job?
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I was looking for a new nanny job. The ad was just take care of two kids and a dog, cook them dinner. Nothing about driving or cleaning. I get there and the current nanny is pregnant, ready to pop. Parents come home and talk to me. They seem ok. Then they throw in there one kid has special needs and when I am about to go that kid also tends to eat dangerous objects. Not in the ad. Parents the gives me all kinds of personal medical info about the nanny and saying they need someone right away.

Pay is very low for special needs kid. Also parents are just not telling me everything. Even how long the other nanny will be taking maternity leave or if she is not coming back. Seems they should have started looking earlier. This kid is not going to just have someone they don’t walk in there. I suggested a few hours at first for the kid to get used to me.

Other than “it’s a job” and I can get there easily. There is no appeal to me to work there. I am waiting on another job offer that I would love.

What should I do? I don’t want to take this job and just quit when I get the job I want but somehow I am not sure I would last there either.
It really boils down to: how badly do you need the job?

Not all jobs are a pleasure.

I would say take the job.
The part that worries me is the special needs kid that eats dangerous objects. Because having a child die while I take care of them is not good.

I am hoping for a better paying and easier job.

Yeah I need money. Many people are hiring right now and in the next couple of weeks. I might get something better in that window. I would feel bad to take this job and quit when I got a new one but not as bad as if the kid died.
So I talked to the mother today and she was telling me more. I am going to go over and spend some time with the kids while one parent is there. I need to know that I can do this job.
I went over today with the father there for about 1 1/2hrs. When I first got there the autistic boy told me to go away and stop talking. So I will try to go back again.

I am also having a tonne of interviews to people but I have to travel farther.
Mother phoned again and asked me if I wanted the job. So I said yes. I cancelled another interview that I really did not want. This is the best option and the family seem to think I can handle it. They like me. Wow!
Excellent. I hope it works out.
Disaster job with special needs kids last year was not so much the kids as the parents were terrible. These parents seem genuinely wanting to do what is best for their kids. The only negative ismthat they don’t seem to expect much from their autistic child. Oh well see what happens in the next few years. I agree that he has sensory thresholds but they don’t seem to want to push him.
So the third week into the job. Both kids have problems. Extremely poor diet probably makes all the brain problems worse. Kid goes into his room after school and never comes out until parent comes home. Hit me and tried to shut door on me a few times. I would lime a better job where the kids would play with me.
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