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Full Version: Autistic child hits, kicks and bites
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The kid I babysits hits, kicks and bites me. He is 10 yrs old and high functioning. Should I quit? But I need a job.
I am leaving that job soon since the parent got laid off. I am not going back.

I got attacked again yesterday and the violence is escalating. He was hitting, kicking and throwing things at me. He tried to hit me in the face with an object I consider a weapon. I took it off him.

So today I am wearing old glasses, take my phone and keys in pocket, wear shoes and coat. If he attacks, especially with a weapon I am leaving the room or house and maybe call police. Also try to protect his sister and the dog.

No point giving a timeout because the parents do nothing but make excuses when he attacks me.
Finished job but I wonder if I should buy the kids Christmas gifts. I already bought the girl a gift but I saw a really nice keyboard that the autistic boy might like. The problem is that it is just a bit expensive.
It would be very kind of you to get something, but I think it's also okay to stick to a lower budget since you probably weren't paid a huge amount. Could you get a used version of the keyboard or similar online?
I ended up getting the kid a gift certificate to a gaming store. That is what he likes and the parents will buy him any game he likes.
Sorry for not responding, sometimes I look at something like this and I've got no advice to give.

My son has non-violent behavioural problems. There are no strategies or conversations or punishments or threats that work.

The kid probably needs therapy.
I don’t work there anymore but thanks. True many children would benefit from therapy but usually the whole family needs therapy. They need strategies that work. Too many parents I see view those toddler tantrums as “cute” when they are not so cute at teenage years. I can’t see parents who have no self control or time management trying to teach their kids those skills.

I am starting to hate my new job. I can’t sleep and I have a long day tomorrow.
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