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Full Version: Spectrum Labor (Australia)
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It's been a long time since I've been in here - too long in fact.

In October 2017 I co-founded a part of Australia's major left wing part the Australian Labor Party. It's called Spectrum Labor and it's all about us - the Autistic community.

As you can tell we've been trying to promote Autism appropriately and call out the fools who do the wrong thing. This past month at the ALP's state conference in Victoria, Spectrum Labor held a fringe event where I and my co-founder spoke about Autism. In Australia the federal government has just formed a Senate Committee specifically about Autism, and Spectrum Labor will be putting in a submission. I'll be putting one in personally as well.

Any Aussies here who want to put in something as well would be welcome to do so - in fact I encourage it.


That's excellent.
I regret to advise that Spectrum Labor is gone.
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