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Full Version: Backyard pool, no fence
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I recently went for an interview for babysitting. Two kids, under 6. They never mentioned the pool. I saw the swings and playhouse and then some area under the snow. I was guessing a skating rink but then I saw a diving board. There was a cover over the inground pool but NO FENCE around it. I asked the, why they did not have a fence around their pool. They said the zoning was grandfathered so they did jot have to have a fence.

Kids will know the rules but break them anyway. So easy for a kid to slip into the water and drown. Even Under the cover and never been seen. Am I being too cautious?
They never called me for the job. I suspect racism.
Not being too cautious. Backyard pools are a huge danger to young children.
(02-12-2020 04:35 PM)142857 Wrote: [ -> ]Not being too cautious. Backyard pools are a huge danger to young children.

Heard too many tragic stories. Child got through unlocked door, window, dog door and fell into the pool and drown. Also kids fell into neighbours pool and drowned. The drowning can happen very quickly with children.
Parents called me to tell me they hired someone else. I am actually happy because it would be very stressful constantly checking to see if door was locked and where kids were. Could not leave kids in the backyard unattended for a few minutes to go inside to use bathroom or get a drink. Would also have to be extra careful when with the kids in the backyard. plus it was only a few hours per week.

I can’t believe the trouble to get even a part-time job babysitting. At what point does someone just give up trying to get a job?
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