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Full Version: Need new nanny job
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Any ideas for my ad that will get me a job?

I 100% suspect racism is preventing ke from getting a job as a nanny. The usual excuse is “oh you don’t have experience with children this age” when I babysat kids that were maybe a year older. I also have almost a dozen nieces and nephews i helped with.

The other issue is getting updated police check and first aid/cpr certificate. This will cost at least $300. Plus the vulnerable police check is not available to individuals which most parents do not understand. It is only available to charities and organizations.

Maybe I need yo go to the police station. Also need some clarification about use of hidden cameras. If parents use them to detect theft, ok but cameras should not be in a bathroom or room where the babysitter or children or even babies are changing clothing. Naked kids on camera = child porn. How many parents get that? I am going to let their kids change into their bathing suit in every room in the house.
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