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Full Version: All the Live Events, Movie Releases, and Productions Affected by Coronavirus
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The entertainment industry has rapidly responded to the CDC’s warning that Americans should brace for a coronavirus outbreak. Globally, there are over 90,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, identified as COVID-19, primarily in mainland China, where it originated. In the United States, the number has risen to over 1,000 confirmed cases. In an effort to prevent spreading the virus, a number of concerts, festivals, film and TV shoots, and other events have been canceled, rescheduled, or modified. Coronavirus fears have affected major events like SXSW and BTS’s “Map of the Soul Tour.” If coronavirus thinks it can mess with the BTS Army, it has another thing coming. But in the meantime, here’s everything the virus has affected in the industry.

As the coronavirus spreads globally, it has caused a major impact on the sports world.

Expect more changes in the coming days and weeks as we head toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan, which has been one of the more heavily affected countries.

Below is a list of the sporting events that have been altered as a result of the coronavirus. Check back often, as this list will be updated:


ISSF International Solidarity Championships in Dhaka, Bangladesh from Feb. 22-28 postponed.

World Cup in Shanghai from May 4-10 canceled.


World indoor championships in Nanjing from March 13-15 postponed to March 2021.

World half marathon championships in Gdynia, Poland on March 29 postponed to Oct. 17.

NBA from March 11 suspended.

FIBA competitions from March 13 suspended.

Women's Olympic qualifying tournament moved from Foshan, China, to Belgrade, Serbia, from Feb. 6-9.
3x3 Olympic qualifying tournament in Bengaluru, India from March 18-22 postponed.

Asia Cup qualifiers postponed: Philippines vs. Thailand on Feb. 20; Japan vs. China on Feb. 21; China vs. Malaysia on Feb. 24. Matches scheduled for Hong Kong moved to opponents' homes.

NCAA tournaments in United States cancel NCAA tournament.

South Korean Basketball League: All games from Feb. 25, no spectators. From Feb. 29, suspended.

Serie A in Italy: Games on March 7, no spectators. From March 8-13, postponed.

EuroLeague: Milan vs. Real Madrid in Milan on March 3; Valencia vs. Milan in Valencia on March 5. Competition from March 12 suspended.

EuroLeague Women: Famila Schio vs. Sopron on Feb. 26; Reyer vs. Riga on Feb. 26; USK Praha vs. Famila Schio on March 11; Ekaterinburg vs. Montpellier on March 11, canceled. Competition
Just give me my cable tv and movie channel.
The sports teams could still play and just televise without an audience but I guess their concern is travelling. Even travelling by bus would be no good since they would all be together in a bus for a long time and if one of the team got sick, they might all get sick.

The point is some people also have to use public transit to get to work. Essential services such as fire, water, sanitation have to function. The grocery stores are really really busy.

The huge question I have is how long do people expect to have this “not going out“ period to last?

Schools are closed after march break for two weeks since the government figures that many families will be travelling since they already made plans. Then they are supposed to self quarantine when they return from travelling for two weeks. I suppose ordering food and groceries online will have to happen.
Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne was cancelled yesterday. Other sports like cricket are being played with no spectators.
Nascar canceled race in Atlanta
The government is telling people they should not leave the country for school break vacation. They might not be able to get back home.

Also many people who work at the airport also live in my building. I try to touch the elevator buttons with my knuckle only or a pen. I wash my hands when I come into my apartment. If someone coughs and there are air born particles in that small space ..... i can’t walk up those flights. I am going to try minimizing my trips in and out. I already have lung problems. Oh well. Nice knowing you all.
I am overseas now, I have to self quarantine for 14 days when I get back to Australia.
I'm quite enjoying being able to watch the BBC news channel without it getting interrupted by sport every half hour tbh
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