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Full Version: whats on your schedule today
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Not much going on today , just hanging around the shop hoping some customers come by
semi-annual doctor visit

mainly to get prescriptions renewed
Take the puppy to the beach. It's too wet and muddy to go to the dog park.
Work at the shop till twelve. Then do yard work this afternoon
Yesterday I went to a cosmetic and perfume sale on the transit. I decided going to the mall would be too much. I went home and did some laundry. I cooked dinner for my husband and myself. I forgot to turn off the rice cooker so the leftover rice got all hard. I did nothing else except watch tv and do a manicure on myself.

Today I am not telling you what I am doing because I had stalkers before checking on my blog and following me around. Strange how just ordinary people have stalkers just for expressing an opinion occasionally.
Too cold and wet for any activity today.
Awful weather, glad it's not flooded where I live.

Staying home and getting on top of work is on the schedule.
I'll be at the shop all day. don't know what's planned for evening Haven't been told yet. LOL.
Wild weather hopefully over now. Part of the roof blew off at my son's school. So the schedule is work. And shopping for food.
I'm hanging around the shop again. Hoping a customer or two will come by
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