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Full Version: Kids are now worse than ever
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I have been working for a family for 5 months. Usually the kids are bad for me for the first two weeks or so. These kids are getting worse. They are rude to my face in front of the parents. They lie, sneaking, refuse to do as asked (such as come to eat a meal or practice piano), throw their belongings around. Usually the mother just ends up yelling at them.

I am not understanding who is influencing them to do this. The former nanny quit to go back to school but that was cancelled due to covid. She comes in once per week to clean on the day I am not there. I fear she is telling the kids to be bad so I will leave and she can come back. I never met her but the employer insists that she has never stole anything or done anything bad.

I want to quit but my husband does not want me to and tells me if I get another job then it might not last. I try to give suggestions to the parents but they seem hopeless to discipline these kids in anyway that works. I actually should stop caring and just do what I have to do there.

Due to covid I have lost my other two part-time jobs which were reduced hours even before covid and one was not going so well. Plus I had a car accident recently (not my fault) and I have a brain injury so getting another job that is more demanding is not possible.

If I got covid and died I would not care except my family would likely get it from me and they don't deserve that. I am tired of trying. I do have a few activities that I can do at home that I enjoy. Other than those, my life is just meaningless.
Bratty kids.. Hate them
My kids are respectful, they just seem to have picked that up naturally. But getting them to do chores or come downstairs for meals is almost impossible.

2020 sucks, a lot of people are suffering. I hope you get through these next few months. I
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