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Full Version: Last one to post here wins!
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I win. Cool
Now, you and I both know. I'm really the winner.
never seen one of these threads before
I know! It's so new and edgy.


I am the winner. You will never defeat me, I will continue to post away! Ha ha ha! I cannot be...

*zones out for a second*

ooh, look pretty clouds...
The clouds defeat you! I am win
This is new... wow... it is new!

I R WINNER! (temporarily that is....)

The person that posts next has to reach the tippy top to grab the Winner tag.


AspieMomma, you missed out on a fantastic opporunity. As an admin, you could have locked this thread immediately after posting it, making you the winner. Big Grin


I would never do that. It totally freaked me out when it happened at the old forum.

*waits for you to be lulled into a false sense of security*
I would never let her win

would never let her lose

But will never let her win
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