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Full Version: Rate the Last Movie U Watched
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Star Trek into Darkness 9/10

Definite 10/10. To me, this is Hitchcock's masterpiece. An exercise in tension.
Black Orphan:

Episodes 3 and 4

3: 9.1/10 4: 9.4/10
Lawn Dogs.

Angels and Demons.

Exciting plot. Badly scripted, poorly acted and very patronizing.
The Bodyguard: 8.9/10

Black Orphan episodes 5 through 8: 9.1/10
The Third Man.

Perhaps not as good as its reputation suggests, but still a great movie.

Odd that it's remembered as an Orson Wells film even though he didn't direct it and appears for only around twenty minutes.

It's a cartoon.

I only saw about the last two-thirds of the movie. My son loved it. I loved it. A real feel-good movie with plenty of twists and turns and laughs.

9/10. Maybe a bit more.

Some great voice work by Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and more.
Re-make of The Omen. Very good. Better than the original, although it's unfashionable to say so.

I saw it in the cinema the first day it was out, 6/6/06.
Pacific Rim 4/10
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