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Full Version: Rate the Last Movie U Watched
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Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape.

'Found footage' film about (you guessed it) a family who were abducted by aliens - a precursor of "the Fourth Kind", if you will.

Cheaply-made TV movie with some clunky moments (not least the painfully 'helpful' script in which the characters describe, for the benefit of the viewer, what is happening out-of-shot, and some naff 'aliens'), but still with some scary moments.

The effect is somewhat spoilt by the presence of a cast list at the end - including telling us who played the aliens!!!!!!

A remake of "UFO Abduction", which caused something of a panic when first aired in the States!!!

(released in some countries as "Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County")
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial.

Made-for-TV film of Herman Wouk's play. Unlike the cinematic version of The Caine Mutiny, this version is set almost entirely in the courtroom.

Well-structured and compelling. Shame about the intrusive music.
The Legend of 1900 12/10
Deep Blue Sea 2.5/10 -_- I hated that movie!
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Wild Hogs:

Great cast. A bit "City Slickers - on wheels" though.

A group of old friends find themselves on a road trip.

Enjoyable and not as predictable as it could have been. 7/10.
Gravity 8/10
The Devil's Advocate

Not even Al Pacino can save this ludicrous, dated drivel.

Perhaps because he fluffs at least two lines of his dialogue, and the director is too star-struck to tell him.

I forget the first error, but near the end he says "Let me WORRY about it", when the script-write clearly intends 'let ME worry about it". The way he says it makes no sense in the context.

No wonder he never made it......
Black Swan.

Beautifully-shot exploration of mental collapse and paranoia, with a superb performance by Natalie Portman (albeit a lot of the dancing was done by a body double). Clint Manson's score cleverly combines original material with Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.


V is for Vendetta- 10/10
X-men Days of Future Past- 9.5/10- Not enough screen time, let alone character development for characters in the future. The unanswered questions left at the end will hopefully be answered in the next film (and due to a post-credits scene there is going to be another X-men film)
Oblivion- 8/10- Some plot twists were far too predictable, but others were quite good.
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