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Full Version: Rate the Last Movie U Watched
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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Do I even have to say it? XD
Countess Dracula

Good Hammer Horror based on the story of Countess Bathory.

Good horse story, although a bit overrated. Overall good. 8.8/10
Jerry Maguire

Overall good. I don't know that there was anything really new in the love story. I was entertained, however a little overrated.
Peeping Tom

The controversial movie that killed Michael Powell's career.

Superb psychological thriller with many deft touches.
Criminal 8/10
Star Trek: First Contact 11/10 (I overall enjoyed every minute of it)
I saw 2 movies on the flight from Sydney to Bangkok.

I figure it's a good test of a movie when it's on a tiny screen with dodgy sound and you're sitting on a bloody uncomfortable seat.

Creed: The 2nd best Rocky movie (after the first). I was really surprised. 8/10. IMO Stallone's best acting performance ever (admittedly he hasn't set a very high bar for himself sometimes).

The Revenant: For the first half hour I was thinking "this movie is really overrated". But it just got better and better. Lots of moral ambiguity, and it felt a lot more "real" than any other similar movie I've seen. 10/10. Certainly one of the best movies I've seen, ever.
The Jungle Book
(2016 Version)

Very good. This one follows the stories by Kipling more closely than the silly 1967 version (maybe not necessarily the story, but it captures the dark, mysterious tone better.) I didn't know that Christopher Walken could sing. The only complaint is that I liked Scarlett Johanson as the snake, and I wish she had a bigger role in the movie. She was only on screen for one scene.

Overall, 9.6/10
High Crimes 8.9/10
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