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Full Version: Rate the Last Movie U Watched
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Black Mass 8.4/10
ARQ on Netflix.


No complaints, engrossing and exciting.
Rogue One (A Star Wars Story):

I took my son along to see it last night.

Movie tickets in Sydney are usually more than $20 each, so I was lucky that I got a couple of free tickets from the company that manages my superannuation (pension fund).

But the snacks are even more ridiculous. I smuggled in, for myself, in the leg pockets of my cargo pants, a small bottle of Pepsi Max and a couple of small chocolate bars. My son ordered a small popcorn and a small coke: $16.90 for the combo. I'm buying my son some cargo pants for his birthday, they'll pay for themselves in about 2 trips to the movies.

There weren't even 2 tickets next to each other available. We ended up getting seats A1 and B1, one in front of the other right at the front. Lucky me I got stuck next to a couple of classy characters who made themselves comfortable by taking their shoes and socks off. Now whenever anyone mentions Rogue One I'm going to remember stinky feet. Yuck!

The movie was excellent, a real good vs. evil space opera. My son loved it as well but he admitted that it wasn't as good as the "good" Star Wars movies (episodes 4 thru 7). There was some awesome CGI used seamlessly in the movie. I won't spoil it for you, but you will be impressed. The new robot character, K-2SO, is IMO the best movie robot ever.

Darth Vader played a small role in the movie but he was at his absolute finest.

I saw Rogue One, too, and I wrote a review for it on I2. 142857 beat me to the punch. Oh well.

Disney movie about a Hawaiian princess. Good songs, and The Rock plays a demi-god, Maui.
Pitch Perfect 2 8.1/10

Rightly regarded as a classic.

Oddly, the first time I've seen it!
Doctor Strange
One of the better Marvel movies. A little trippy at times, but Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job.

Overall a decent movie, and had good songs. It just didn't have much outside of the songs. There wasn't much plot.

Not a great movie. The futuristic theme was fun, but there are holes in the plot, and it's ridiculous how quickly Jennifer Lawrence forgives another character and agrees to love him after he did something horrible. Not great overall. (and I thought it looked good from the previews.)
Fences 6.5/10
Rather boring movie about black life in the 1950's. Nothing spectacular here

The Lives of Others
Great movie about life on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall before the end of the Soviet Union. Highly recommended.
Magnificent. This might be the best movie of the year. Tom Hanks's performance is outstanding. It's the story of that airplane pilot a few years ago whose airplane engines broke when the birds hit the engines and he was forced to land in the Hudson River. You probably remember that. It's that story. It also had the story of the controversy that followed. (I didn't know that the airline was angry at him for a while.) This movie, for now, gets my vote for best picture of 2016 and Tom Hanks should win the Academy Award for best lead actor. Go see it if you can.
The Accountant 9.8/10
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