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A new year - skyblue1 - 12-31-2019 07:36 AM

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. And hope we all have a good year in the coming year,

Happy New Year

RE: A new year - Genesis - 12-31-2019 12:39 PM

Yep... same to you

RE: A new year - 142857 - 12-31-2019 03:41 PM

Happy New Year Skyblue and Gen.

It's over 40 Celsius here. Just shockingly hot but thankfully no fires in our immediate area.

RE: A new year - MM - 01-01-2020 01:53 AM

Happy New Year.

Writing 2020 is going to be good.

RE: A new year - Genesis - 01-02-2020 06:10 AM

I guess I am off to a good start today... I'm feeling too happy

RE: A new year - MM - 01-04-2020 12:54 AM

Happy New Year!!!

I started off New Year by going into work because I was worried.