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What should I do? - MM - 09-13-2021 09:05 PM

I have been working for a few months. Lately the old woman (not my employer) has been saying that “I don’t finish what I start.” This is not true. She often interrupts me while I am doing one chore but I always finish and tidy up before I leave. She says I should do one job at a time and finish it. This is a home so she is just being ….? I don’t like her saying that because when I am finished working there I will have to get another job. I would not use her for a reference anyway but afraid she would say that to other people. She has a big mouth.

I feel like I should put a boundary on that and say to her she needs to stop saying that. I know sometimes people are cruel and actually enjoy saying what bothers a person. Another option is just to ignore her comments. I am working too hard and feel a crash coming on. She is always pushing more work on me. I am going to start doing less because the place is really clean now. I can’t risk damaging my body.

Seems I usually get difficult employers.

RE: What should I do? - MM - 09-15-2021 10:08 AM

I decided not to challenge and got a notepad and started writing down what needs to be done outside the routine. I found out this person is very selfish and if I focus the conversation on her, she likes it. Also I have to compliment her or her work often.

RE: What should I do? - qwerty - 09-15-2021 10:19 AM

I think "managing" her is better than confronting her. She is your money source and you just need her satisfied enough to keep paying you - of course there's nothing wrong with doing a good job either, but I agree that it's not worth sacrificing your physical health to keep up a particular pace.

RE: What should I do? - skyblue1 - 09-15-2021 10:59 PM

Just put up with it, and know she's not going to stop

just one of her habits

RE: What should I do? - MM - 09-20-2021 08:16 AM

Some days are ok. The adult daughter is teaching me how to use her art printers and help her with her work. She pays me, not the mother. She seems happy but I would like to avoid conflict with the mother. I have to stop caring about certain things. Getting paid is important but also I do ‘t have to be so pushing myself. Working fast will likely cause accidents and damage. So I need to slow down and not feel so rushed.

RE: What should I do? - MM - 09-21-2021 10:23 PM

I am wanting and needing a second part-time job but don’t really want one due to covid. I would rather limit my contacts.

RE: What should I do? - MM - 10-03-2021 09:58 PM

Not much has changed. The workload is still bad but I decided to use less cleaners as they are impacting my health. I have to make note reminders for myself because I forgot to take out the garbage.

RE: What should I do? - qwerty - 10-04-2021 06:28 AM

You've at least done well to keep the job going this long. We are hopefully actually approaching the end of the pandemic now, so maybe you will have more options eventually.

RE: What should I do? - MM - 10-05-2021 10:56 PM

They didn’t really care that I forgot to take put the trash. I apologized anyway. They were mire impressed that I am fixing small things and trying to get more nontoxic cleaners. Their dog has cancer. I am still going to use up most of the cleaners they have.

We got really upset because the dog was standing on a freshly washed floor. The cleaner smell was strong even though I use very little. Other houses I try to keep the dogs out of the room (on another floor) until the floors are dry. I am getting sick from the spray cleaners for the bathroom so we are going to change.

RE: What should I do? - MM - 10-11-2021 01:06 AM

I cooked chicken for the little dog who has cancer. They asked me to cook more chicken and make some broth from the bones. I don’t think the little dog will live too long.