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Thrift shopping - MM - 02-14-2022 01:49 AM

I moved some of this from “cleaning” thread.

Decluttering. Donate. Keep out of value village and getting more great stuff. Just no more room. I discussed with husband that we should only go there one per month or less.

Thrift shopping is difficult. You might have a need for a black shirt. If you went to a regular store the odds are very good that you will find a black shirt that fits you. The thrift store may have one but likely you will not find one but a purple one you really like that is a low price. You might not even need a purple shirt. I tend to thrift shop for clothing, shoes, small kitchen items, books, and craft supplies. Usually I give the craft stuff I make away to family or charity. I balance that with hardly ever buying takeout food or drinks for myself. So my “entertainment” budget is usually spent on thrift stuff. My husband will thrift buy dvds and board games. Noone plays board games and they take up space.

Buying a thrift vacuum would not be a good idea unless you know it works properly. Don’t buy a steam cleaner used because the warranty is rarely good for second hand owner. I did get a used ozone generator that is excellent.

RE: Thrift shopping - boehm - 02-15-2022 03:07 AM

I like shopping the Goodwill stores

RE: Thrift shopping - MM - 02-27-2022 12:14 AM

Some of the best items I got at a thrift store

A pink suede jacket
An ozone generator to clean water
Zoku popsicle maker and accessories (actually I never bought it and went back it was gone. I ended ip buying it from someone. I bought most of the the accessories from thrift stores.
A cute vinyl baby doll and most of her clothes
Designer handbags I clean up and use
Some great clothing like dresses, pants, tops, pants, skirts
Wonderful shoes I wore to my brother’s wedding
Knitting looms and yarns for hats for homeless and other people
Many dolls I have cleaned up and given to friends to dress and gift away
A black winter jacket that I sewn a cartoon patch on and some reflective ribbon

RE: Thrift shopping - MM - 03-20-2022 11:46 PM

Some recent thrift finds: some t-shirts: red, blue, purple, black.
Cargo pants for my Dad.

RE: Thrift shopping - MM - 03-20-2022 11:52 PM

Meanest thing someone said about my thrift treasure.

I needed a windbreaker jacket. The thrift store had one perfect size and color. It had some organization and someone’s initials embroidered in it. I wore it. Someone commented that they didn’t know I was involved with that org. I said I bought the jacket at thrift store. Someone from there later called and said that “initials” wanted their jacket back, couldn’t say a name because obviously they did not know the person. I said then “initials” shouldn’t have donated it to thrift charity. Really mean to poor people. Yeah, I buy my clothing st thrift stores and discount places. I don’t judge you.

Conversation with a mother from a women’s shelter. There were donations for kids beds. She said she needed bedding. I told her to buy some from the thrift store. She said she didn’t want to sleep on “used” sheets. I asked her if she ever stayed at a hotel because all their beds and sheets and towels were used. Just wash everything well before using. What’s the problem?