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Employer expects too much - MM - 04-28-2022 09:52 AM

My employer expects to much. It is to the point of exploitation. She expects me to work over contracted hours without notice. I am supposed to work 5 but she will ask me to stay and work over 4 or 5 more hours. She does not give any breaks or even meal break. I can’t plan ahead to bring extra food because she does not ask me before. She goes upstairs and eats but does not often give me any food. I told her I would prefer that she plans ahead and asks me. I am tired because I can’t cook for my family and never know when I am getting home. I talked to her about why I don’t want to always work late whenever she feels like it. She says she likes to be impulsive and too bad about my problems at home.

I told her at the interview that I don’t shovel snow yet all winter they asked me to shovel. I needed to park my car so I did it but they would not hire anybody to shovel. Also they are being too cheap to get their windows cleaned and I am not going to do it except for just the patio doors because the dog jumps up on them.

I don’t know if I tell her that I will only work two days extra time but planned ahead. If she fires me, then fine. Also they will not buy cleaners that are nontoxic and don’t make me sick.

I thought maybe that she was trying to get me to leave except she is always telling me that I am helping her so much.