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Comedic Rapper, David Firth, is fired from his job as a teacher for his work.
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Comedic Rapper, David Firth, is fired from his job as a teacher for his work.

This makes me legitimately sad, seeing how much passion that this guy has for his creative endeavours. I've seen every episode of Salad Fingers and this guy is very talented, funny and clever.

It makes me sigh, heavily, that we find out that he's working with a new generation and deem that to be a bad thing. Only in britain is that possible.

Apparently he's been fired for making an Ali G-like series, where he plays the role of a Doncaster chav. He raps about chavvy stuff, like drugs and having sex with random women. You can tell from the exert in the article that it's all very tongue in cheek and that the video is clearly supposed to be adult entertainment.

If his kids find him on youtube, then they are clearly looking up content that isn't appropriate for their age group, since I don't think I've seen any of David's work that is especially suitable for children. There was even a video, where a seven year old child watched one of his darker, more disturbing cartoons, just to see what her reaction was.

I don't understand how this makes him a bad rolemodel. If he actually writing these kind of raps seriously, then it would be somewhat of a different issue but he's' a comedy writer, who works on parody. Again, if the comedy was somewhat tasteless, then it would be fine but the BBC has a show JUST LIKE this Chavvy Rapper parody, which is shown at 9PM, on terrestrial television.

"Clearly not enough background checks done by the school."

The only checks they do are for criminal behaviour! It's almost like he did nothing wrong.

"You wouldn't want to have Ali-G as your teacher."

True, because Ali-G is a CHARACTER played by a creative and intelligent man. You haven't fired ALI-G, you've fired Sasha Baron Cohen! Good job, toolbags.

I also love how the Sun brushes over the doxing, here. That another teacher tells the kids about the videos. Why isn't that teacher fired for breaching David's information, that he didn't want being public knowledge and telling the kids about these 'oh so harmful videos?'

Oh, that's right, David's your villain for your 'think of the children!!!' rhetoric. So I guess you don't need another one.

"What if the kids who saw the video think it's okay to smoke a bong and beat up their girlfriends?"

Then your kid is a moron and you've failed as a parent!

If that happens, then two realities are happening.

1. You haven't been teaching your kids anything and have left them incredibly impressionable to random videos on Youtube, to the point that they don't know what parody is.

2. Your kid is a scumbag, who is likely using the video as an excuse. Good children, good people in general, don't make other people miserable, because a video told them to do it. Piss off!

"I know it's a joke..."

Oh! You know it's a joke? So why are you treating it like it isn't a joke!?

"... But it's not appropriate for the children who he's teaching."


Oh my god, how does the penny drop and yet NOBODY picks up on it!? That is when this idiot should've realised what they were doing bute nope.

This content ISN'T appropriate for the children he's teaching! You are right, gold star for you!

It is ADULT entertainment, designed to entertain ADULTS! People who DO know better!

It's not like he showed this content to the children in his class, I could understand the outrage then. However, from your own admisssion, Sun, he went to great lengths to hide this content from the children. Content that they know about, thanks to your idiocy.

So yeah, I hate my country, hate the Sun. Can't wait for Brexit to come and destroy them both.

I originally wanted this to simply be a fact piece but no, this annoys me on a personal level. Not only do I respect this guy's work but I'm in a similar position. I work in education and make videos, write stories and do various other things and now it terrifies me, that I don't even have to do anything wrong to get fired.

If I say 'fuck' once, on a single MP4 file, I've lost my job. If I say anything remotely controversial, even for the sake of comedy and parody, then I've lost my job. All, because some people are too stupid to seperate home life and work life.

I work with a guy, who works in theater. He does panto, drama, he's even appeared in a few real films, in the late 90s and 2000s. Is his job in danger, because he once slapped a woman on stage?

Hopefully David can survive on his patreon and from merch sales but I don't imagine this has been a good experience for him, on any level.

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