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Unusual childhood aspie obsessions
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Unusual childhood aspie obsessions
My wife was asking me recently if other aspie kids ever have such strange obsessions as our son.

Our son is obsessed with airplane crashes. Every conversation, every game eventually reaches a tipping point where it becomes all about airplane crashes.

He has become an expert at making paper airplanes. Give him a sheet of paper and he can turn it into an exact replica of a DC-9 or a Concorde.

He sets up military bases and builds a fleet of fighters and bombers then acts out bombing raids on the base (with fighter support). Sometimes he needs to hold the bomber in his mouth. When he makes planes out of tissue paper you know who is going to have a bad day, they may as well be wearing a red shirt on a Star Trek away team.

The backyard often looks like a war zone. There are torn up paper planes and crashed Lego planes and Lego rescue vehicles strewn all over.

This all seems perfectly fine to me. I was only ever interested in boring things like maps and dinosaurs.

Can anyone give interesting examples of aspie kids' obsessions that might seem a little unusual?
03-02-2015 10:49 AM
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