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I'm changing my name legally. (Not on here.)
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I'm changing my name legally. (Not on here.)
Maybe I'll tell you in a few years what it is, or maybe I'll just let you guess/find out accidentally. I'm going to have new Facebook, YouTube, email, forum, etc. accounts. I'm going to keep coming here as Ana54 but in other places I'll change it. I'm going to have a new passport and a new medicare card and a new bank card and a new birth certificate. I'm going to volunteer under the new name, go back to college and take science under the new name, publish my fiction and nonfiction under the new name, travel under the new name to Texas to see Lars, get a job under the new name, go to a Unitarian Universalist church under the new name, and have an active YouTube channel about my new life... under the new name, of course. I want to change my name to show everyone that I've changed and to symbolically and literally show them I'm a different kind of person now. I will still make mistakes, but I won't be connected to so much failure now. I guess I want to show people I just have a different attitude now about myself and others. I don't want people to find my old works and posts and all that, and think I'm still that way. I'm sooooo excited about my new identity! It will also make it harder for people to censor me where I talk about my ex in one of my books, because I went by a different name when I was with him.

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06-20-2017 02:24 PM
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