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School bus stops in bad place
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School bus stops in bad place
Should I complain about school bus drivers who do unsafe actions?

I did tell the parents when the school bus driver dropped off girl across the road and did not put on the red flashing lights. Girl (age 10) knows better but runs across the road without looking. The mother talked to the bus driver who then always makes sure to stop on the other side or use the flashing lights.

I saw a school bus driver driving a school bus with earphones on. No kids in the bus but still, that’s illegal. I was urged by others to report to police or the bus company. I decided that talking to the driver might be best since the other two suggestions would just get them fired. I saw the driver again but no earphones.

Huge issue with school bus driver who stops around a curve beside parked cars. 1. There is no possible way for drivers behind the bus or oncoming can see the bus to stop at a safe distance. 2. Stopping beside parked cars. How exactly can the school bus driver see the kids if they are running between parked cars to get on the bus? Also not a good habit to teach kids. 3. There is a safer place to stop to pick up kids on private property. All the other school buses and public transit stop there. All the school bus owner has to do is ask for permission from property owner and provide proof of insurance. 4. This particular school bus driver tends to submit reports to police that drivers do not stop for the bus (because they can’t see it coming around the curve) or pass the bus across the median (which is legal).

I am thinking next year when this bus is around my street again I am going to be calling the police EVERY-TIME I see them stop beside parked cars.

I wonder if all the people who live on the street that got tickets because of this school bus could sue the bus owner. If it is about the safety of the children then obviously the bus owner and the driver are not really caring about them.
07-13-2019 09:17 PM
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