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Full Version: When FEMA Comes
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My door crashes in as I'm washing my dishes.
At least I know what my last wish is.
They're in my house now with their guns.
And they're not the only ones.
The sound of screams comes from outside.
Bang! It sounds like someone just died.
Yelling, screaming, howling, screeching.
It sounds like what Alex Jones was preaching
would happen, is happening now.
Another trigger pulled. POP! POW!
My hands are in the soapy water, holding a knife.
At any rate they'll take my life.
Might as well do it my own way...
not go with them, fight to stay.
Your family's screaming. So are you.
Their dogs are barking loudly too.
"Look at that pathetic little screama!"
shouts a man in a vest that has the word FEMA
on it. Even he is armed.
At any rate we'll all be harmed.
Do it fast and do it now.
I just hope I still know how.
I have no gun but I have this.
I accidentally cut myself. In pain I hiss.
The water's turning red, and fast.
This moment isn't gonna last.
I do it now. Right in his eye.
His throat would be too hard to try.
He stumbles as the blood pours out.
They shoot at me as I run about.
I get in front of my youngest child,
our family's peaceful home defiled.
My eldest reaches for his gun.
He's smiling and he's having fun.
He says "Sir, I do not think so!"
He shoots a soldier, saying "No!"
They shoot him first and then them all.
My husband is the next to fall
but not before he shoots and kills.
I guess they worked, those greenish pills.
The Prozac. Yes, it worked a lot.
When they forced him to take them, that wasn't so hot.
But violence, be that as it may
helped him defend us all today.
We say no to the institution
and uphold the Constitution.
Now I'm running out the door,
slipping and sliding on the bloody floor.
Our neighbors are lined up outside
waiting for their last train ride.
The world explodes in a huge white light.
It doesn't hurt. It feels right.
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