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Full Version: Underground Lake on Mars!
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I always knew there were secrets hiding underground on Mars! I believe there is some sort of lifeform that lived underneath the Martian soil. The robots sent there were never equipped to dig so it is reasonable Mars has many hidden secrets beneath the surface.
The way science and skepticism work is that we don't assume things exist until there's reason to believe that they do.

In this case, the underground lake may facilitate life, or it might not. If it does, then it's most likely to be single-celled life or some equivalent level of complexity that we haven't thought of. Considering what's known about the chemical makeup, it would have to be something like the extremophiles we have on Earth. I suppose it's possible that experts on the subject might be able to make some guesses about how they might be put together. I doubt if anyone knows enough to say more than that, or even if any signs of life even exist there until we can find a way to get a closer look.
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