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Full Version: Your Weather?
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This thread dedicated to windy

Friday about 10pm,

east coast Carolinas,


cloudy 65 degrees. Nice. Smile
Saturday about 1:13 am

midwest Illinois


dark out, 42 degrees
Saturday 19th October, 10:48pm.

It's a cool Spring night in Sydney. My phone tells me it is 21C, but it feels cooler.

Expecting hotter weather tomorrow and Monday.

Luke Mauser

Saturday 19th October, 14:20

Cool, drizzle becoming heavier. Should clear later.


The following takes place between 16:00pm and 17:00pm

(couldn't resist. It wouldn't be a Some_Bloke post without a reference)

It's raining, typical of UK/Northern Ireland/Ireland
Monday 21st of October, 9:20am.

22C, heading for a top of 32C.

A thick layer of smoke hanging over the city, the sky is blue/grey and I can smell the smoke and it's even stinging my eyes a little. A 300km fire front is moving through the Blue Mountains just to the West of Sydney.

Luke Mauser

Chelmsford, Essex (South-East England, about 30 miles NE of London)

See the 'Why' thread
67 degrees and sunny at 12:50 on a fall day
Sydney, 8:49am, 7 November.

19C, sunny.

Cool for this time of year.
Wednesday 6th of November

5:10 PM CST

Extremely Cold

(Sandals need to be put away)
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