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Full Version: Treatment Writing Part 1
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She is dark-

She is coal-

She is the one out of control.

She is screaming within this mind,
While a tiny portion bleeds behind.



Quiet Despair

She has found others

not for them-

Herself falling away.

She quietly rests,
No fussing today.

Sleep now beloved,
Though I grieve for you;

Doing without,
When all else fell through.



Equuleus Lotus Dear

Watch light die-
How licked the sky.

She kicked the pricks-

Bit the sticks.

Shattered bones didn't dismount her-

Severed open to overflow,
'god' did break till she didn't know.

Sweetheart run,
Never-mind your ribbons undone.

Broken ragged thread;
Lovely just the same.

She horse thankful,

For the day God gave.

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