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Full Version: Treatment Writing Part 2
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No Longer Dancing inside this fray,
I make a stand to remain.
To the end of this, I race to finish well.
Regardless of those that fall,
To my left or right side.
Inside is the Father-Son-Holy Spirit in One.
Like a breakfast burrito,
Wraps into one fire-gut-punch.
Delectable, delicates only in,
A gas chamber of human hearts.
Queen of my heart-
I give to my Creator.
To be re-flamed, re-kilned
In His fireball-pain-ache;
Of Holocaust-el learning.



Short Story of Joylessness

In a family that was loving, a mother to nurture and a father who became a man when he witnessed the birth of his firstborn daughter. Joy was she so named, because of the joy brought to her parents. Wonder filled her eyes from early on; 'Look me in the eye' some would demand...well meaning some were of course, but joy was afraid to not look for fear of consequences her imagination had cooked up.

Grandmother of enchantment was the one joy oft spent time with. There was an unseen world around her seeking to steal her namesake and steal her sweet tender spirit. Elementary Days crushed joy.

joy became friends with children that the others said were 'odd' or those whom where physically handicapped. joy looked beyond what was seen and saw the spirits that kindled her own. Joy had a love for her heavenly Father, attending his youth events as a per-teenager. She also loved to sing and found solace and love in the world of music. The melodies would caress her soul and sooth the wounds not seen by others.

Though joy was precious, she was hurting more often then she was not. Cruel words were hurled at others whom joy cared about. Morphing into a knife she threw at herself despite still having a soft heart beginning it's burial.

Over the years joy learned to mask or copy other females her age, (just not the nasty girls)

In her being ignorant and yet not, joy made a choice...

The choice to traverse the road of pain, also known by some as The Bloody Brick Road...

joy was deceptive, yet not, and a tender 16 year old performing a rite that would seal her path for the next eleven years.

Red slit on a full moon; to a 'goddess' that brought hell to joys earth. joy moved out of a twisted love with those around, verbally and once physically abused one whom she loved.

Being socially accepted was her idol. joy compromised everything, never dreaming of or envisioning being the bruise beast she'd become.

She sped her way through high school and a mission trip, ER visits, hazed confusion: all as a means for self destruction end.

Joy lost her way, She Beast, versed herself...None won...4/15/13
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