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These are poems that I had posted on AFF. I'm posting them here now with one new one. Thank you.

It plays its celstial harp
Calling us to a fabricated truth
To an answer that is false and misleading
Reassures us with lies
Sends us down a path we can only hope is right
A path with blinders on the sidewalk
There is confidence in his walk
A fool
Unaware of other paths
All constructs
fools create lies that they know
Which path is correct?
I don't know.

There's a truth beyond this
It speaks to me
I see glimpses
It barracades me in this inferior dust
Its high walls pen me in like a fortress
It is undeniable
It is pure
There is nothing more beyond it.
Like a wall, it keeps me here
Keeps me in a lie
This is not the Truth

The First Intellectual
I only know that I know nothing,
Stated a man sentenced to death
Sentenced for not knowing
By those who knew even less.
We leave the cave
Learn of swirling atoms
Tiny electrons
Burning balls of gas
But do we know more than he?
Was he the apex of our knowledge?
The more we learn, the less we understand.
What is it?
Do we know?
The apex came
When we believed that the clouds have indegestion.

The cradle that sustains us seperates us
Fences out the purity that wants to melt through
And consume every atom of ours with
We pass through the canal
and say "I accept to an inferior work
the sentinal keeps us in mud
We chase after empty satisfiers that distract us
From the only pure thing there is
The road must exist
But we cannot know.

The Chosen Species
We think we are special
But what seperates us?
Are we better than the cockroaches we stomp?
To an outsider, which species prevails?
We scream as loudly as we can
Stomp around
Not content to surrender
We invent constructs to rise above them.
(But whose?)
(No Power)
We are not above them.

We walk, but do we know where we go?
We start walking when we open our eyes
Unsure of what this is
Remains the problem
Remains the solution
The why will remain the last stone
Fascined together by all other knowledge
Smaller whys beat us down
As we ignore the big why
Is there a reason
If not, then what shall we do?
Can we learn anything about this experience?
Is what we see all there is?
The velvet curtain remains pursed in front of us.
Is there something more behind?
All who claim to know seem fools before this query.
We walk along the stage
Curtain beside us,
Forgetting its existance
Mundane days litter our path
We partake in insignificant scenes
When a red velvet curtain towers over us
Guarding the TRUTH
More precious than gold
Yet it is ignored
Is the firmament upon which is written
More clearly than anything

A simple want burns us,
Singes our outer being
We all only live because we believe we can find it.
We search,
Convinced we will see it.
We turn over the same rocks day after day
Slaves to lies and false dreams
We urge our bodies to every muscle
We would die for a genuine smile.

And the new one.....
Love Poem
It is called mighty
But can it stop bullets?
Can it bend steel?
Did Hiroshima see something stronger?
Does it have a power outside of sex?
What is it?
Sexual desire in a wedding dress.

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it!
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