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Front Page - God - 01-10-2021 01:14 PM

On the nature of what can be expected here as there has been some confusion:

Skyblue1 and I were not happy with the witch hunt-style bannings, lack of transparency, and occasional post-pruning to suit someone's agenda or to save face. Transparency, respect toward members, developing and pursuing the direction the board will go in, and acting in accordance with the philosophy that the board belongs to the entire community - not just a few - are our top priorities.

The board does belong to the community. It wouldn't be what it is without the contributions of members. I cannot claim as my own what I have not done myself. We see our role as having the responsibility to ensure that the contributors to this effort are able to have what they need here and that we can move the board in a direction that will allow it to serve more members of the Neurodiversity community.

If we had an issue with a particular member who was following the rules but was still somehow hurting the community, I would put that issue to a vote with a group of elder members. We are working on establishing that role for those who were involved with AFF and experienced the impact of those banning witch hunts. We need that perspective to make sure it doesn't happen again.

A formal set of rules and parameters for Elder status will be established this week.

Please feel free to discuss. I don't want to miss something and let history repeat itself again.


The History of AFN.
Greetings, I know for some of you this isn't new; yet for those of you who are lurking or wondering what were all about... let me be fairly honest with our history. We all started on a forum community that was a branch of another community known as Aspergia.

The off-spring of Aspergia of course was Aspies for Freedom and Wrong Planet. These two communities were based on an open communication line. Both forums were made to fit the needs for interaction with others on the spectrum. Wrong Planet focused on open communication, while Aspies For Freedom focused on aspects of a movement known as Neurodiversity.

Wrong Planet is still around, thriving as it normally would, yet as for Aspies for Freedom it is not around anymore.

There were issues involving an incident that affected everyone on AFF.

Which lead to the final dramacaust.

To be honest with you....

Just push the negative stuff aside... and lets focus on the positives:

We know our history, we know the simple mistakes, and struggles that have happened with Aspies For Freedom. Yet the community from that forum, has decided to move on and start a new chapter in its life.

The ideals of a community like ours is on the basis that we all share a common identity. For some people wondering why we view Autism as an identity, rather than a disability is quite simple. We have an odd way of looking at the world, some of us may be wondering the samething you are wondering; and that is only simply this...

"What's my purpose in life?"

All you need to know dear lurker is simply this:

This forum isn't just a part of the Neurodiversity Movement, for we are an open communication line.

Hopefully you have gotten our point...


Welcome to Autism Friends Network.