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Cleaning - MM - 02-01-2022 07:13 AM

I want to buy “the pink stuff”. I got some pure brite paste which I like but I wanted to try powerpaste and scrub daddy sponge. Not easy to find where I live.

I was watching youtube cleaning bottom of pans and pots with oven cleaner. I think my pans are aluminum on the bottom so oven cleaner should be not good.

Steam cleaner is good but still had to clean with other cleaners. It might be good if steam cleaning only was done on a regular basis. The oven came out good with the steam cleaner but I still have some brown spots I should use a scraper.

My kitchen needs a deep clean and organization. The steam cleaner was amazing to clean the cupboard doors. Just go over once. Otherwise it is scrub with a cleaner and sponge a few times and them rinse and dry.

I am washing sneakers next. Using the washer if possible and air dry. Just wash off the soles first.

Maybe cleaning has become the new special interest. Better than when I just don’t clean.

RE: Cleaning - MM - 02-14-2022 01:46 AM

I cannot buy the pink stuff in Canada where I live unless I want to pay an outrageous price on amazon. I bought this pink solution stuff from Canadian tire. Makes the sink shiny. Scrub daddy is sold out everywhere too.

I bought a pet hair shark vacuum. Excellent technology for my long hair problem. A few hair wrap on the brush but nothing like the other vacs. Picks up great and now my home is on the way to clean.

We need to declutter though. We have to use up stuff we have.